Political Signs

R 436.1335 Political advertising.

Rule 35. (1) Political advertising on the inside or outside of the licensed premises is prohibited except by a licensed hotel, auditorium, or hall which may have displays of signs or posters on the licensed premises during the convention of the delegates of an established political party.

(2) Nominating and recall petitions are allowed on the licensed premises.

History: 1954 ACS 84, Eff. Oct. 3, 1975; 1979 AC.

(c) Political Signs

Shall be solely for the purpose of providing information relating to the election of a person to public office, or to a political party, or to a matter to be voted upon at an election called by a public body, or any other public issue or expression of opinion, and shall be permitted subject to the following conditions:

  1. Political signs shall not be located closer than fifteen (15) feet to the edge of the traveled portion of the roadway and not in a dedicated right-of-way or attached to any utility pole. Political signs. shall be ground or wall signs. No ground sign shall be higher than thirty-six (36) inches above average mean grade of the yard on which it is placed. 
  2. All political signs shall be removed within ten (10) calendar days after the election or event.
  3. Such signs shall not be erected in such a manner that they will or reasonably may be expected to interfere with, obstruct, confuse or mislead traffic.