A Note from the Chief

Keego Harbor Police Chief John Fitzgerald

Welcome to the Keego Harbor Police Department Web page. Since January of 2018, it has been my honor to be the City of Keego Harbor's Police Chief. Keego Harbor is fortunate to have a police department staffed by a fine group of dedicated law enforcement professionals whom I am proud to work alongside.

Law enforcement is a complex and challenging occupation, and it takes patience, integrity, compassion, knowledge, experience, and pride to serve the community properly. We strive every day to give this type of service, and we genuinely care about the citizens, community, and it's visitors that we serve. The members of this department believe in a Community Oriented Policing strategy, or C.O.P. for short. C.O.P. is a strategy where we get to know you, and you get to know us so we can work together to keep Keego Harbor safe. We cannot do our job without the community working together with us. Your trust in us is integral, and I encourage my officers to reach out to the community and build relationships that will strengthen the sense of community. I also extend an invitation to you in the community to reach out to the officers and introduce yourselves. These relationships are what make Keego Harbor stronger and safer.

Please feel free to contact me or any of our officers to express any concerns for the community. Also, when you see a deserving action of one of our officers, let them know your gratitude and appreciation. I would like to hear any compliments or complaints so we can build on our strengths and work to correct any mistakes.

Keego Harbor is a wonderful city in which to live, work, and play. It is that way because of the great people that live here, and our department is working to keep it that way by serving and protecting you with Integrity, Courage, and Respect.